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VASA Volunteer Crews

The North American VASA has not only been attended by thousands of skiers through the years but has also relied upon the spirit of hundreds of volunteers. It is no understatement in saying that without the volunteers there would be no VASA. Volunteering can be as much as a reward as skiing the event! Individuals are needed in a variety of capacities - packet stuffing, registration, aid stations, course marshals, finish line and awards are just a few. We'll do our best to match your skills to one of many areas of need. In addition to the excitement of being close to the event, we also have many other rewards for being a volunteer. Depending upon the year, we may offer t-shirts, hats, fanny packs, or join us at the volunteer dinner hosted by the VASA Board and prepared by our fine food sponsor. You may also walk away with one of our many door prizes!

Below is a general description of some of the areas we need help with during the VASA. There are "Chiefs" assigned to each area and they will supply the necessary training for you to complete the task. Most of these tasks take place outdoors so you should be prepared for all weather conditions. Some tasks are entirely indoors so if desire one of these positions then please advise us so we may try to accommodate you.

Please click here to send a message to the Volunteer Coordinator and indicate the task(s) you would prefer to perform. If you have no preference then we'll contact you to work one out at needed. Please provide your full name, address and phone number so we may contact you personally (we will not share your email address or other contact information with any other organizations).

Trail Crossing/Course Marshal - A number of volunteers are needed to monitor snowmobile/road crossings and other key trail intersections. You'll need to dress appropriately. A four-wheeled drive vehicle or snowmobile may be helpful to get to your assigned location but not mandatory.

Registration - Volunteers are needed to assist with handing out race packets (mostly Friday evening) or registering participants Saturday or Sunday.

Packet Stuffing - Pre-registered participants will have packets prepared prior to pick up. This process usually takes place Thursday prior to the event.

Set-up - Friday, the day prior to the event is set-up day. Banners, fencing, signs, registration tables, food stations, are just a few of the items that must be prepared for the big event on Saturday.

Aid Stations - There are several aid stations strategically located throughout the course. These aid stations provide water, food, and safety to skiers as they complete the VASA.

Finish Line Food Station - This aid station is primarily located indoors and provides refreshments (i.e., cookies, fruit, hot soup) to all the participants.

HAM Radios - The local HAM radio group (Cherryland Amateur Radio Club) provides course communications in the event of an emergency and also provides race updates.

Forerunners - A small group of volunteers will ski a short section of the classical track to ensure the course is safe and well-marked. These skiers will also "set" the classical track for the first group of skiers.

Sweepers - Volunteers will ski the course at the end of the loops to ensure all skiers have safely completed the VASA course and to also alert the aid stations that no additional skiers are left on the trail.

Start/Finish Line - Volunteers are needed at the start/finish line to aid the timers with starting the various waves in the proper sequence, removing timing chips at the end, and spectator control.

Clothing Drop - Skiers will place extra clothing into assigned bags at the start line just before they begin their event. These bags must be collected and transported to a secured area for pick-up after the skier has finished.

Take Down - Everything that went up must come back down. Most of this takes place Sunday but may carryover into Monday. Items must also be returned to sponsors and other various groups.

Safety - Trained personnel (i.e., Physicians, Nurses, EMTs, etc) are needed at aid stations and support at the Start/Finish in order to assist any emergency situations. Local rescue groups are usually on-site during the event but may be called away for other incidents.

Awards - Assistance is needed to set up the awards location with banners, platforms, etc.

Annual Pins - Volunteers are needed to hand out annual pins to the VASA skiers as they complete the event. This may be an outdoor task at the finish line.

Skier Transportation - Skiers unable to complete the entire loop need to be picked up at one of the aid stations and transported back to Timber Ridge. Volunteers should have a four-wheeled drive vehicle capable of carrying one or two skiers at a time and their skiing gear. Volunteers will be reimbursed for their fuel expenses.

Special Projects - The VASA occasionally needs special supplies prepared for the event (i.e., Stop signs, displays, etc.). If you have some special skills (i.e., basic woodworking, painting, etc.) then please advise what these skills are. These tasks typically will be completed well before the event and you'll be reimbursed for all costs.

Come out and be a part of the VASA Volunteer family! It's an exciting time no matter if you participate in the event or help others!

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