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She Skis 2013-2014 - updated 3/9/2014

March 9, 2014
Hello SheSkis Women!

This Wednesday is our last night to ski.....Get out and enjoy it....6:00
@ special plans, just go and ski as long as you
want/can, with whom you want and where you want! You could bring your
snowshoes or your snow bike if you want to....

Just please be back to the Lodge sometime around 7:00 for beverages and
snacks so that we have time together and don't keep Kristin and/or Ella
past 8:00!

Next week, we'll gather at Red Mesa for our "Graduation" Party....order
from the menu with separate there at 6:00 for the Last
SheSkis of the season....

See you soon ....Linda

March 1, 2014
Hello Women of SheSkis!

Plan to be at Timber Ridge ready to go out at 6:00 for the Biathlon of the Century!

We'll ski a loop; go into the shooting range to shoot three paint balls at the targets from standing position.....if you shoot clean, you go ski another loop, if not you ski a penalty distance for each target missed (that will be determined depending on where Gordon sets up the range - many of you thought that an additional loop per miss would be too far ). After you ski the second loop, you come back into  the shooting range to shoot three more times from kneeling on one knee ...again, if you shoot clean, out you go to ski..if not, the penalty distance first...after the third loop, you come back into the shooting range and shoot three times from prone position...then the same ski process....First to cross the finish line wins!  There will be three shooting stations set up, so you shouldn't have to wait long if at all.

This will all be on the "HONOR" system, so each of you will keep track of your own penalties....there will be a variety of prizes beyond 1st, 2nd and 3rd to finish, so don't be intimidated by's meant to be fun!

Contact me with any questions you may have...see you Wednesday. 3/5!

February 23, 2014
Hello Women of SheSkis!

Fun times ahead for us!!!

This week, Wed., 2/26 brings even more fun to our great times together!
Einstein Cycle and Timber Ridge have teamed up to give us an evening not only of skiing, but also FAT TIRE BIKING!! Plus, it is the 3rd of Kristin's three extra special nights for us with food after fun outside!

Come to ski, of course, but take a turn on the bikes as a demo ride...if you have your own FTB, bring it since there aren't many at TR for us to use....we'll have to take turns so that all who want to will have the chance to try a "Snow Bike"

Melinda Mitchell will be with us to get you signed up for the MI Cup Relays coming up on Sun., 3/9 at XC Ski Headquarters near Roscommon....SheSkis has the capacity to contribute a lot with this event, so be sure to talk to Melinda!

Coming up on Wed., Mar. 5, we'll be having a BLAST with paintball biathlon!! Ski three loops inside the campground and "Shoot" three times from three different positions (just like the Olympics) - standing, one knee, and prone - one shooting round on each loop of five "bullets", I believe, ...keep track of you score for a chance at some prizes!! We do need four people to run this event....four persons who could ski for a bit and then start the biathlon...who could help us out here? Let me know and you're "IN" for some prizes of your own!


February 15, 2014
Hello SheSkis Women!

Well, What I thought was going to be "Rock the Moon" on the Timber Ridge Patio last week turned into the BEST surprise party!! All the goodies that everyone brought were followed by a great card signed by you and an enclosed gift card for Haystacks!! Whatever I end up getting will always remind me of the each of you and all the wonderful times we share....I am honored and blessed by your friendship...

This week brings another of Kristin's Wonderful Women's Winter Wednesdays, so plan to help out any newcomers you may encounter. Skiing will begin any time you can get to the Ridge on Wed., but be back to the Lodge by 7:00 to enjoy soup, salad, bread and a special dessert..of course there will be wine, but if you want a particular type, bring that!

Gratefully yours,

February 10, 2014
Hello SheSkis Women!

Slight change of plans for Wednesday, Feb. 12....the "Rockin'" will take place on the patio around the firelplace at Timber Ridge after you enjoy your ski...with these temps, we'll forgo standing in the cold out at the Rock and have time to enjoy our "beverages" back at the Ridge! Depending on your time, you can go ski wherever and whenever you want to, meet some buddies, or go on your own....just be back to the fireplace by 7:00! Also, please remember that we must sign in each week.

Announcements include lots of congratulations to those SheSkis women who participated in this year's North American Vasa....the volunteer work you did, distances you skied and or rode are blessings to you along with the the enjoyment and satisfaction of having completed and reached a sought after goal. We were a presence out there all right!! Check out FB for some GREAT pictures!

Next, Gussie asks that you save Sunday, March 9th for the MI Cup Relays...we will form our own teams before we go over to Higgins Lake to help bring the MI Cup back to TC and to have loads of FUN!!! The teams will be one classic and two freestyle skiers each skiing 8K.  Melinda will have more information as we get closer, but for now, save the date! We will be talking more about this at SheSkis on Wed.

Next, Marilyn Schulz left her Craft ski pants at TR last week...please check your ski bags and see if you can help Marilyn locate them.If you have them, bring them to the Front Desk at TR and Marilyn can get them there.

See you then!

February 1, 2014
Hello All SheSkiers!

Ever so proud of the skiers who braved the elements and actually skied
the Noque!! Several SheSkis women did really well - actually, in those
conditions, to finish at all was a terrific accomplishment! Wishing a
great race today to all doing the White Pine Stampede! Of course, it's
not too late to register for any of the races coming up for the North
American Vasa, Feb. 8th and 9th...if you're not racing, come an cheer
our friends out on the course, or see me to volunteer!

Plan on having a ton of fun this coming Wednesday at 6:00 PM @ Timber
Ridge! Gussie Peterson is organizing the Annual Relay Races, complete
with prizes. There needs to be a classic skier on each team, so if you
are able to ski classic style, plan on it for Wednesday! The other
skiers on each team will skate. Each skier does one loop around
let the fun begin!!!

More fun is planned for tomorrow, Feb. 2 for the 16th Annual Winter
Women's Ski/snowshoe Tour. Yes, there is a registration fee and you can
get all the fun details at their web site. SheSkis will be a presence by
meeting @10:00 at Blackstar Farms to go off together. If you have a red
Haystacks skirt, wear it...if not wear any Haystacks, or similar skirt
over your tights. Also, a pinkish, orangish boa is appropriate
attire....check the Dollar Store, etc. to get one, but don't let that
stop you from joining the group if you don't have one, or can't get one!
This will be one of the "Events of the Season", so don't miss out!

One more of the women left a green bag behind at Timber
Ridge three weeks had Rossignol boots in it that she had
borrowed. No one has turned it in at TR, so please check your vehicles
and other bags you may have to help her find these boots...I don't want
to believe that someone actually took them on purpose! If you do have
them, please return to TR, no questions asked.

This will be a great week...see you soon...Linda

January 26, 2014
Hello all..

This week, women from the community will be joining us for the first of Kristin's Wonderful Winter Women's Wednesday's.....

It's a time to social ski and to give a hand to any skier who may need a bit of assistance or a quick lesson, tips, etc.

After skiing,  please gather in the Lodge at 7:00 for food and beverage...Kristin says don't bring a thing, but if you want to add something to the Pasta Theme, go ahead!

These nights have always been a special treat, so I hope to see you there.


January 18, 2014
Hello all..

What a busy, informative and fun January we are having and this
Wednesday is no exception!

Plan to ski however you care to set that up ahead of time until 6:45 or
so and then come into the Lodge to enjoy a beverage and gain some
valuable advice from a panel of experts as they share their experiences
with racing...don't be intimidated by this one bit, or think that's not
for will be encouraging, enlightening and at times very funny!

We are so proud of those SheSkis women who have stretched their comfort
zones this year and participated in their first ever races, and those
who have continued to increase their racing expertise! We are hoping
that the rest of you will give it a try!

See you Wed., Jan. 22nd at Timber doesn't matter what time
you start skiing as long as you're back in the Lodge before 7:00 for our gratefully includes Amy Powell, Maxi Neugebauer, Judy Vjada
and Rachel Decker.


January 12, 2014
Hello All...

You asked...we deliver! A SECOND Lesson Night...yes, Gussie will have
instructors for both Classic and Skate and at various levels, depending
on who shows up for the lessons!

Plan to be ready to go out on the snow @ 6:00 so we can make best use of
the get to Timber Ridge early to be all set!


1) Bob Cooney needs more help for the state xc meet that's coming to TC:

The TC H.S. Nordic Team is in need of volunteers to act as race
officials for the State Cross Country Ski Meet which it is hosting on
February 14th and 15th.  Parents of skiers aren't allowed to help with
some parts of the race, so they really need some help from our local
cross-country skiers.  Shifts are available at 2 pm on Friday, and 9 am
and 2 pm on Saturday.  Positions include course marshals, jurors,
judges, race secretary, etc.

If you are able to help out, please contact Bob Cooney, Volunteer Race
Coordinator, directly at or (231) 935-4224
(home); (231) 313-9649 (mobile).  Thank you!

2) Kaye Krapohl invites us to the Sweet 16 Women's Tour, Feb's
been suggested we offer a snowshoe group in addition to the usual ski
group...anyone want to join to snowshoe?

3) Unfortunately, the Petoskey women who were going to join us on the
29th are not coming down, BUT would like to get together to cycle in the
warmer months.

See you on Wednesday!

January 4, 2014
Hello All..

We're back to Timber Ridge on Wednesday, the 8th @ 6:00 for our much anticipated "Technique Night".

We'll divide into classic and skate skiers first and then in half again.
There will be two stations for each group - one for hill work and the other for cornering. Moving efficiently and proficiently up and down hills and around corners are essential skills to be mastered. Not only for good skiing, but also to increase your own enjoyment of our sport!
You will be able to spend as much time as you need/want at the will want to do both at some point in the hour though.
We have great instructors lined up, so we are in for a great night together again!

Lots of news items  - not in any particular order, but do take time to read these announcements:

1) We collected $120  in memory of Terri Hanson's mom, Elizabeth Ann Gildersleeve and at Terri's request, sent it along to Munson Women's Cancer Fund.

2) The Traverse City High School Nordic Team is again hosting the State Nordic Ski Meet on February 14th and 15th (Friday afternoon and Saturday). We are in need of some knowledgeable and experienced course officials (who should not be parents of skiers!) and we are wondering if some of the folks in your She Skis group might be willing to help. If you are able to lend a hand, please contact: Bob Cooney, Volunteer Coordinator for TC H.S. Nordic Team State Meet
(231) 935-4224 (home); (231) 922-4600 (office); (231) 313-9649 (mobile)

3) SheSkies brought home the BLING from the first MI CUP Races!! I will fwd the photo in a separate email! Get ready for the next MI Cup Event; Gussie has posted to our FB some of the details and I'm sure she will want to talk to all of us about it on Wednesday! You can also go to for more info...SheSkis can help bring the CUP back to TC!

4) Lesley Kovacs recently had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.
You'll remember her as our yoga instructor! Her husband, Karl reports that she is recovering well at home and only spent one night at Munson!

5) I have the information that our nutrition speaker, Miranda shared with us before the Holidays....I will send this to you separately also.

6) Kristin has been getting requests from women who want skiing instruction and are willing to pay for it. If you are interested in this opportunity, please see Kristin at Timber Ridge.

7) WeSki still has openings for this season's program....go to to get the details and to download the Registration Forms.
WeSki is a wonderful opportunity for families and individuals to learn/experience xc skiing in three sessions, plus a dinner each night after lessons!

8) Whew..that's it for now...see you ready to go out the door to ski at 6:00 so we can use the whole hour skiing!!


December 14, 2013
Hello All..

For this coming Wednesday, the 18th, we'll have time to "Social Ski"
from 6:00-6:50 pm at Timber Ridge/Vasa and then meet in the Lodge RIGHT
AT 7:00 PM for an informative session on nutrition for athletes. This
has always been a popular topic and has been included in our schedule by

We need to be mindful of Ella's and Kristin's time, so we need to be on
our way home by 8:00 PM.

If you want to ski earlier than 6:00 PM in order to get a longer ski
time, that is fine...just be in the Lodge by 7:00!

Circle Jan. 29th as the first of Kristin's Women's Nights AND the SheSki
group from Petoskey is coming down to join us....they will be skiing
earlier in the day, so I hope some of you can plan to be out at Timber
to ski around 4:00...the times for skiing will overlap, so not to worry
about missing out! After skiing at whatever time, we'll gather in the
Lodge for something to eat...maybe a potluck or something to add to what
Kristin cooks up (she make really good chili!)

Before then, though, there are two date coming up that will be FUN, FUN,

Sat., 12/21 Michigan Cup Races at Lakes of the North, Mancelona....10K
Freestyle...maybe a potluck for after??

Sat., 1/18 Cote Dame Michigan Cup Races at Hanson Hills, near Gray
ling...6K, 13K. 26K - food after!

Let's make these events fun for us with food, carpools (costumes??) and
of course lots of laughs!! We're a large group of skiers and have the
potential to add a lot of points to the VSC's quest to regain the MI Cup
that we lost last year to XC Ski Headquarters!
Please get in touch with Melinda Mitchell and/or Gussie Peterson as they
are organizing us for these do NOT have to be a great
skier to do these; all you have to do is finish!! Of course, that means
you have to start, too!! Join VSC as soon as you can to get registered,
automatically, to do these races!! Come on, you can do it!!

If we don't see each other on the 18th, I want to wish each of you all
of the very best that this season provides!

December 8, 2013
Hello All...

It's the night we all look forward to so we can develop and improve our skiing skills....Lesson Night for both skate and classic disciplines/ beginning and more advanced groups in both. Gussie Peterson has asked several excellent skiers to assist with our groups, so be there at Timber Ridge, ready to get out the door by 6:00 PM....lessons start promptly at 6:00 on the snow!! She will divide us up into the groups, so best to be there early, if at all possible.

If you need to make arrangements for equipment rental, please do so before hand at either Timber Ridge or Brick Wheels so you are ready to go and won't be disappointed!

The forecast is calling for more snow between now and Wednesday, so get out there and do your SNOW DANCES... if necessary, we will plan an alternate activity.

Hope to see you Wednesday...Linda

November 23, 2013
Update for December 4th
Hey Everyone...Since we have snow and more than likely will have it on the 4th, Kristin and Gordon have offered to have us use TR for skiing as an option for that evening in addition to the yoga session we already have planned...there will be no lights other than those in the parking lot, so keep that in mind as you make your decision about which activity to do.... Either way, have a great time!!
A special thank you not only to Lesley Kovac for the yoga session, but to Paula Gale for taking care of the details on the 4th..remember to sign in!


November 23, 2013
Hello Everyone!

We will not meet on 11/27 due to Thanksgiving preparations of one sort or another, but the following week, 12/4 plan on bringing those yoga mats to Timber Ridge at 6:00 PM for a great yoga session with Lesley Kovacs. For those of you who were with us last year, you will remember that her session was super!!

We have been invited by the Petoskey SheSkis group to get together sometime in January....they would come down to Timber Ridge in the late afternoon for a ski and probably pot luck after....what do you think?
They would want to start skiing around 4:30/5:00 and I know many of you can't be there that early, but also, many of you can make it! Then, we would eat after...let me know what you think about this plan, anyway!

The other item is this:

The High School X-C Ski Teams asked me to let everyone know about an upcoming fundraiser for the teams.

The Traverse City Central & West Nordic Ski Teams will earn 10% of ALL sales on Tuesday, Nov. 26 from 5 - 8 PM at the Culver's Restaurant on
US-31 near 3 Mile Road. Ski team members will be at the restaurant lending a hand.

November 16, 2013
Hello Women of SheSkis......

It's one of the treats of the season for us!

Plan to meet at Brick Wheels @ 6:00 PM this coming Wed., Nov. 20th for the latest and greatest in XC Ski clothing and equipment, plus tips from our area Swix resprsentative, Mark Wagoner ....... that's not all....we will have fun shopping with 20% off ski related purchases that your coupon in GT Woman magazine to shop another time!

Bring a snack/beverage to share and your credit cards, check books or plain old cash!!

See YOU there...Linda sure you work out on your own!! Snow is coming!!

November 10, 2013
Hello All!

That bit of snow is making everyone anxious to get out.....our next topic is Waxing for both skating and for classic and the fun begins at Marilyn Schulz' home. Bring a snack and beverage to share and plan to gather @ 6:00 PM.

If anyone gets lost or needs  instructions contact Linda Deneen

See you soon! Linda

November 3, 2013
Hello all!

Sure hope each of you had the chance to get outside today...the subtle
part of fall colors is just georgous! Then, throw in the golden tamaraks
and it is a beautiful site.
Plans for Wednesday, Nov.'s a two parter...

Marcie Talicska will be leading "Plyometrics for Skiing"for the action
part so come prepared to work out. My physical therapist, Lynne Lombard
selected the "Plyos" that are specific to xc skiing, but she is unable
to join us in person...hence Marcie will lead us.

Cyndi Holiday will be organizing the Shopping Spree, so come early and
bring your ski/athletic/otherwise clothes that you no longer use or
want....proceeds go right back into SheSkis..those who participated two
years ago LOVED doing is FUN.

Here's how we will do Plyos, there is a handout with
illustrations, with Marcie can do some, go to the Shopping
Spree and come back to Plyos or start at Shopping Spree and then go to
Plyos...very fluid and use your good judgement about # of women at each
area. Feel free to go b ack and forth. Not sure about which building
we'll be using due to consruction on the Banquet Hall...plan to come
early and be flexible!

Speaking of Marcie, did any of you happen to pick up her radio she used
for Pilates? Her CD was in it, too  :(

That's it for now!

October 28, 2013
Hello All..

Back by popular demand will be Andrew Gorecki, DPT, Superior Physical Therapy, for our session this week at Timber Ridge. We'll start at 6:00 PM, probably in the Banquet Hall, but outside, weather permmitting. Dress accordingly and remember your water bottle.

Also, remember to join Vasa Ski Club, get your Grooming Badge and Timber Ridge Trail Pass (the trail pass is the only one that you HAVE to do; the others are encouraged).

This weekend is IceMan and on Friday evening will be the xc skiing presentation at the Grand Traverse Resort during the IM Expo...details to follow and good luck to all the SheSkiers who are riding!!

See you soon! Linda

October 20, 2013
Hello Everyone!

This week, we won't have to worry about the weather as Marcie Talicska will be leading us in her choice of a fun, great work out...we'll be in the Banquet Hall...wear your tennies and remember it is usually chilly in there! Bring your water bottle and a yoga mat, if possible (I have no idea what surprises Marcie has cooked up for us, so be prepared!). See you at 6:00 PM at Timber Ridge.

I attached the PLAN for the coming season to a recent email I sent out and as you can see, there are some gaps for people to step up and be responsible for that activity. If you didn't receive the email contact Linda Deneen at

Also, new this year, we want to keep track of skiing hours with prizes for those who really do ski the most; we need someone to prepare a chart that each of us will complete (Honor System) to keep track of our progress throughout the season.

So, please contact me if you are interested in taking on a bit of responsibility for our fun!

An additional SheSkis activity will be taking place on some weekends this season as well....we'll start with the Annual Ski Fest at Brick Wheels on Sat. Oct. 26 and then go on into the MI Cup joining the Vasa Ski Club (which you can do at the Ski Fest), you will be automatically signed up for MI Cup, so that's slick and easy...Gussie and Melinda will explain more about what we have in mind for SheSkis participation, but it will be FUN and include FOOD plus NOT every weekend!!

See you Wed!! Linda

October 14, 2013
Hello Women of SheSkis!

Bring your short ski poles (classic, not skating, or Nordic Walking Poles), water bottle, dress for the weather and wear your tennies....Judy Vajda, fresh from a great finish in the Chicago Marathon this past weekend, will be leading us out on the VASA Trail for Hill Bounding - a great training workout for both classic and skating skiers!
See you at 6:00 PM @ Timber Ridge in the parking lot....there's 30% chance of rain...if we need to cancel, I will send a message via email no later than 4:00...hopefully you won't hear from me!!

See you then...Linda

September 25, 2014
Ladies of the Winter...

Be sure to circle Wednesday evenings for our SheSkis program!
Starting Oct. 9, we'll gather at Timber Ridge at 6:00 for DryLand training.
Bring your short ski poles and water bottle, dress for the weather and begin getting ready for the coming season.
Judy Vajda will lead us out for Nordic Walking/Ski Walking.
SheSkis is for women of all ages and abilities. It's "Dirt to Snow" so don't be shy; you'll fit right in!
Questions? Contact Linda Deneen at

September 22, 2013
Ladies.....Dry Land Training will be starting soon at Timber Ridge.
You will need to bring your water bottle, classic or shorter ski poles and
dress as for running. Remember this is "Dirt to Snow" to get us ready
for the coming xc ski season and that women of all ages and abilities
are one needs to feel intimidated about joining us.....
We always have a great time!!

Please contact Linda Deneen at with any quesions you may have.

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